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This one started with a phone call:  "We're going to a tradeshow in China. We reserved a 40' x 60' booth space - we want two conference rooms and a bar area.  We're not showing any machinery, we just meet with customers.  We have a set budget for this show."  With no additional input, the result was a custom-built exhibit and graphics that came in on time and under budget.  The client showed up at their booth, loved it and called us for their next international tradeshow.
The customer wanted us to design a way to promote employees on a rotating basis that would look nice in a public area.  A program of interchangeable photos in custom frames solved the problem and pleased both employees and management.
A local hospital chain wanted a unique way to post messages in the Physicians' Lounge.  They had tried a variety of frames and gimmicks, but nothing fit the decor or delivered the function.  We designed an acrylic holder that simulated a hanging IV bag, complete with tubing, all on a standing pole.  An 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper with the notices are slipped into the front pocket.
For the last few years, the client had spent much time, money and effort to have a 20' central tower erected in their booth.  They came to us for an alternative that would have the same presence, but would be easy to erect and strike, yet would still fit in with the look of the rest of their booth components.  Our solution was this tower made from pipe and specially sewn drape.  The corners seal and the bottom accepts a modified rigid panel display base.  Result? The client was very pleased with their savings and their customers' response was very positive.